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Thursday, April 14, 2005

sweeeeet! oh tax returns

we got our tax returns today. they were even bigger than we thought they would be. how sweet is that? it would be even sweeter if i didn't have debt still and could use the money for a trip or something like that.

i had to take our boy cat to the vet today. something about him not eating or drinking and puking all over the house. they were afraid he was dehydrated and pumped him full of liquid (through an IV no less) and now he has these pouffy pockets of skin under his front legs. it looks hilarious. and now the cats definitely aren't getting along. next time, they both go.

i want to welcome marianne to the world of blogging (http://mgregoire.blogspot.com/). i look forward to reading all about your adventures.. i am definitely jealous of you and your upcoming trip. anyone else going on a trip that i should know about?

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