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Tuesday, April 5, 2005

seeeee? seeeee?

quoi de neuf? i went to a body combat class last night (like cardio kickboxing) and i'm so sore today. but i went back to the gym to do my weight circuit. i ended up skipping my arms.

i also finalized a sponsorship scandal.. errr, deal with kelsey's. it's kinda crappy, but it's all they'll give us: a 10% kick back from everything we spend. it does include alcohol though. so, friends, please forgive me if i always suggest we go to kelsey's.

i watched cold mountain today. i didn't know anything about it ahead of time. i liked it fine, but didn't like how it lasted so long. and i was surprised by the nudity. guys: you want to get laid, grab this movie and last through the whole thing, you'll get to see some boobies and you'll wow your girl. well maybe. yeah, good luck with that.

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