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Friday, April 15, 2005

my cats

i want to tell you about my cats. if you don't like cats, or my cats specifically, you are excused from reading this post.

we took rolo to the vet due to his vomiting everywhere. i already mentioned this. but he's home now and sandy - his sister, his very own flesh and blood - hates him. she hisses and swats at him whenever she gets close to him. and make no mistake: it is her who's getting close to him.

so we go along, rolo's been home for about 20 hours now. he obviously still smells bad because sandy is still hissing at him. usually when i'm at the computer i'll have both of them sitting on my lap. so naturally when i'm sitting here they both want to be on my lap but sandy isn't okay with this. i pick rolo up and hold him above her and she's fine with that. then i put him down so that they're beside each other (my lap isn't huge so they're touching). sandy starts smelling him and growling but then starts licking him at the same time. growling and licking. she's obviously torn.

i think the black eyed peas said it best: where is the love?

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