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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

it's all politics

i think almost every blog is saying something about the new pope. well i'm not going to. other than that. this just isn't that kind of site. go somewhere else for your news.

i haven't been feeling well today, but probably not as bad as rolo (our cat) who was given barium tablets today to track the movement through his body. if it's too slow he gets the knife. let's hope he's just puking for no reason, or something fixable with a diet change.

i had my last real french class tonight, well for this session. i'm going to do the next session which starts in two weeks because i can't do the two sessions in the summer (there's no way i could deal with french three nights a week). i don't know who could do that.

i was reading stuff last night, other blogs... yep. there is some pretty racey stuff out there. it kinda made me want to make an anonymous blog and just go for it, but then i realized that i don't have enough to say. i just don't lead that kind of life.

i need more fruit in my life.

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