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Friday, April 22, 2005

i'm playing

all consuming is a website where you can list the books you're reading and the movies you're watching and so on. i'm messing around with the script but i don't know much about java so on the right you will see two things that i'm consuming, of the however many i have entered. i'll leave it as it is for now and try and keep it updated. by updated i mean to the last two movies and books, and albums when i get any.

i went to the canadian geographic presentation tonight at centrepointe theatre. it was a slideshow of pictures from trips around the edges of canada (the coasts) and live music to acompany the pictures. it was inspiring. but then i realized that i don't have any money (i have the time though!). then i realized that it's been a long time since i've had anything but negative money. at least the hole i dug by going to school is getting smaller (it's about half full). but it will be spectacular to one day owe nothing more on my line of credit. at least with the car i'm getting something out of the deal.

but i digress... the presentation was great and i can always dream about traveling across canada (and the world for that matter). i do hope to meet up with marianne this summer at some point at some location somewhere in canada.

shelley, a girl from high school, works for the company that runs the tours of the north and the coast of labrador and stuff (adventure canada) and was there tonight. it was really nice seeing her. she's in town now and again next weekend so hopefully we can meet up next weekend and talk for longer. she's such a nice girl.

i was also asked tonight about me making it out to toronto this summer and the plan is to go out there for a bunch of family stuff (jon's side) in august, but also to see some people. maybe i should start talking to people that are out that way to see if they want to meet up at all. i also got word about somebody's parents wanting us to come out to bc again this summer (circa july). i can't argue with a free plane ride.

so in an epiphany i had in the shower i've decided that traveling is all nice and good and likely not in my immediate future so i'm going to explore ottawa. that's right. i'm going to do all the touristy things while i'm not working so i can say i've done them. so anybody who wants to see a museum, or go see a band at the tulip festival - just let me know! and i'll keep you up to speed on when i'm going and where.

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