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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

boys meet the girls

i'm trying not to post so often to be like the people still in school. you know, the busy ones. but i AM busy... with french and the gym and my friends and housework.. okay, that last one's a stretch. i've decided that i'm not a very good housewife at all. i really really don't like doing housework and wish it would do itself or that we were rich enough to hire someone to clean everything. wouldn't that be nice.

baseball is starting real soon. our first tournament is before the end of the month (the 30th, but still) and then we're into league games two nights a week and a tournament here and there. that also means that the team fees are due soon. erg. if our society is breeding obese people, starting younger and younger, you'd think that someone should be paying ME to play. or paying for MY gym membership. it's weird how all the healthy things are so often more (and much more) expensive than the bad-for-you things. why is a cheeseburger a couple bucks, but a healthy pita (or something) at least 5? maybe the government should invest more money into healthy lifestyles and less into cleaning up after the weak. is that a bad opinion? is that really what i think?

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