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Sunday, April 24, 2005

blast off!

i have friends. friends going on trips. bon voyage to you!

we saw the interpreter two nights ago. it was good. i didn't realize till the end that nicole kidman's hair was straight for the whole thing. i'm a girl. i should notice these things.

we went out to see my parents tonight. the chicken was good. the times were also good. i called my brother while i was there. i'm looking forward to seeing him (for one night only) this week when he comes to town with four other (random) people.

i'm now through my 5th week of having a gym membership. i've fallen into somewhat of a routine. i have my weight circuit and the group classes too. i still haven't tried the cycling class but i'm told i should. i think i might run a 5K or 10K in the national capital race weekend. it's at the end of may. i'm hoping i can get in shape - running shape - by then. wish me luck!

i'm trying to think of a list of the classic books, you know, the must-reads. i would appreciate any suggestions from you.

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