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Sunday, March 13, 2005

why be YOU when you can be NEW?

jon and i had a date night friday night. we went out and i ate mcdonalds and then we saw robots in kanata. i can't remember the last time we saw a movie together alone. the movie was really funny. i laughed a lot a lot.

then yesterday we went hog-wild at ikea trying to get cat-proof furniture. we got a new wall shelf and a coffe and side table plus a dvd holder thingy. we spent a lot of the afternoon getting it all put together. we had to rearrange our living room. we moved the couches around and took down the wall unit and the shelf that rolo was always getting on. i like the room now but it's definitely missing something on the wall. that will come soon enough.

speaking of walls, i got jon's diploma framed and it's now on the wall in the dining room. and soon enough the picture from my grad that sarah took and framed for me will be up on the wall in there too.

the dvd rack is supposed to be up on a wall but we don't have wall space that's useable in the basement so for right now it's sitting on an end table. it's sexy though. i really like it.

i had a hockey game last night. it's our second (of three) playoff game and we won 7-0. highlites: i scored a goal, and, during my first shift, i took out my own center (head-on collision, sent her flying, and gave myself a headache for the rest of the game). our third and final playoff game is next sunday night, somewhere in the east end. depending on where we finish (first or second, cause otherwise we don't move on) we play the following tuesday or thursday nights. i would prefer to not play in arnprior, so i think i want to play thursday.

i decided to play with the nepean sharks this summer and i have been welcomed to their website/forum. i'm looking forward to playing ball again. i feel like it's been a year since i played.

i finished all the books i have so i started the french novel that i picked up from the resource center at my french school. gatsby, le magnifique is a little hard, but i'm getting through it. i imagine it will take me the whole three weeks i have it for.

the last thing i want to tell you about is my free week long membership to goodlife fitness. i plan on attending 6 or so fitness classes, but likely i won't be using the gym part of it much since i really really don't like doing that. i get bored easily. i'm still going to my pilates class every monday night. i'm a busy girl i tell ya.

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