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Thursday, March 31, 2005

we actually won

funny story.. well kinda. we had our replay of the semi final game tonight for hockey. the team we're playing is really rought, but miraculously the game isn't as bad as usual. in the third period they score. 1-0 them. then we score and it's huge! and then we go into 5-minute sudden death overtime. the same girl who scored for us puts the puck on the goal line and i tap it in. we win! everybody's happy! girlie there tells the ref and the whole team that she put the puck in the net. fine. bitch.

then knitting was good. we were all yawning around 10pm so that was bad. i still didn't get home until 11:30. i left my hockey gear in the car because bringing it in is loud and i didn't want to wake the kitties. who am i kidding?

i'm getting through the great gatsby in french and i'm finding it better than it was in english, but i think it's because it's almost like i'm skimming with all the words i don't understand. i look forward to reading it every night though.

i watched shawn of the dead last night. it was a really funny movie. i especially like when shawn demonstrates killing his girlfriend and himself. maybe you'll know the part if you've seen it. thanks to goodlife for giving me free rentals.

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