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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

so many changes

so i waited to post until more people told me about where they host their sites. i got three responses (and one earlier) so that's not too bad.

i had hockey last night... semi final action in arnprior. we tied, which is good and bad. good because we didn't lose. bad because we have to replay the game, instead of going into shootouts or some other tie-breaker. so we have to play again. at least this time our goalie will be there. we pulled up another goalie and she did great, before and after she hyper-extended her knee. i feel weird because i missed my french class to go to the game.

i was all excited because i thought we might be going to thunder bay for the weekend (it being a long weekend for those of us (not me) who work), but we aren't going.

i sent a whole bunch of pictures to be printed and i'm going to make a scrapbook with them for 2004 and start on 2005. this is exciting stuff. okay, maybe it's only exciting for me and the lady who's selling me all the scrapbooking stuff.

did anyone else think that 24 was really slow this week? i felt like it lasted two hours instead of just one. in my opinion that was the worst episode of all four seasons. monday was just a big disappointment, looking back. pilates sucked too. the y keeps letting beginners into the advanced class so we can't build on past weeks we have to learn how to breathe every class. i definitely won't be signing up for that again. but i have my new goodlife membership to get me in shape. i had my orientation today and i learned how to use all the machines (the weight is air pressure - how cool is that?

my grandparents are moving back from holland.. in with my parents again. so i spent a lot of time today helping my mom clean their house. i give my grandfather till the middle of next week to have bought another mercedes. and i think i'm being generous. wednesday. i'll keep you posted.

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