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Wednesday, March 2, 2005

now now there there

wow snow. i thought we were done with that shit already. apparently not.

i like how i get emails from my "friends" (people i used to know who still think we're close) and they're asking how school is going. well it's going well except I'M NOT IN SCHOOL! retards. it's weird how you can't think of other people. you think that everyone does what you do. it's hard i know, but try and realize that not everyone is like you. please.

i'm going to take another french course. i just have to call them and register. and i'm going to do it all in french. that's the plan at least. i won't cry if it doesn't happen though. other decisions made by me lately: i'm going to play ball this summer with nepean. it's cheap and the girls seem nice. we'll see how i feel mid-july.

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