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Saturday, March 5, 2005

don't be mean

my little scrapbook party just ended. i have to say that i had a great time. it was me and julie and marianne and shauna, the lady from creative memories. we each made a 12" by 12" page. i think mine turned out well. i really want to start doing this seriously, but it all starts with me printing my pictures, something i'm not very good at. but that's going to change. i've already bought the pre-paid package of 100 prints from loblaws. i just need to send in my pictures. that's my goal for this coming week.

another goal: register for french classes.. since they start tuesday night.

i bought a new winter coat today. it was on mega sale at sport chek at the mall. it's red. i've never had a red coat before. i'm happy. i'm happy i branched away from blue.

we went and hung out with my dad today for a bit. my mom's out of town for the weekend doing job stuff (at another golf show). we thought he might be lonely. plus it gave us an excuse to drive around. the new car is still great as can be. it's getting redder and redder by the day. right, the picture of the interior. soon, my pretty.

we saw be cool last night. it was funny enough. what was really funny was the guys behind us spilling some candy in the middle of the movie and hearing it fall everywhere and fall down to the row we were on. after the movie we noticed empty beer cans and tons and tons of sun flower seeds where they were sitting. so they were laughing so loud cause they were drunk. oh, i get it!

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