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Saturday, February 19, 2005

no picture today i'm afraid

so last week i dyed parts of my hair bright orange and today i dyed the rest of my head to cover up the orange, but it didn't work. i'm just waiting for my hair to dry to see the final product but i'm not optimistic.

we went in today and bought our car (again) after calling and hearing that we had to wait for another 3-4 weeks (what the hell happened to mid-january???). so we said fuck that and bought one with air. at least we still get the nice colour though - dark dark gray. so we get our car by the end of the week. booyah! now, i can leave the house during the day and stop being so damn stuck until someone gets home and drives me around to my various night events (i sell myself... during the nights and am unemployed during the day).

in all my awesomeness i already know what i'm getting for jon for his birthday, though i'm not positive what to get my dad. let's review: jon's birthday in 7 months, dad's birthday in 2 days. my my. tomorrow's project.

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