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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

my favourite mistake

i already wrote this post before i managed to fuck it up and lose everything i wrote. here's hoping i can come up with something just as good the second time around.

car insurance. own a car - you need insurance. have a ticket - hard to get someone to insure you and your car. i was looking around at different places today in preparation for the arrival of our new car. you can get quotes online these days and so i was busy going to websites and filling in the appropriate information. you know, some places won't give you a quote online or by phone if you have even one little ticket on your record, which i have. well those places, i don't want my insurance from you anyway.

i was at the td/canada trust website and i filled out all the information and clicked the "Give me my quote" button and was dismayed to see almost $5,000/year for 2 drivers and 2 cars. then i re-did the whole process as a queen's alumni and guess what they quoted me then? just guess. no, really. guess. okay fine. they quoted me under $3,000 with all the same information. do you think the savings could possibly be that much? i don't know what i think. but even with the savings they aren't the cheapest place so screw them!

in other news, we didn't lost our hockey game sunday afternoon: we tied. we have one game left (tomorrow night) and then we're into playoffs. that is all on that subject.

last night was my dad's birthday dinner. i was pleased to see my brother's car in the driveway when we got there. he came all the way from peterborough. we had a good dinner. and i convinced my brother to come by today and drive me around because i had to go prove my identity to complete my ei claim. retards. no wait, that was my fault. we went back out there tonight after my french class cause my brother's leaving tonight. so we still haven't seen monday's episode of 24 so no one say anything or i might have to kill you.

and in conclusion, we are no longer poor but i am still an unemployed housewife. someone shoot me now.

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