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Saturday, February 5, 2005

goodbye job hello unemployment

i say unemployment but i might be working my garbage job so who knows. i might not, depending on how much money EI will give me.

i have some money now. thanks to the bank for giving me free money (aka a line of credit). so i think i'm going to talk to a financial planner about rrsp's and other investments.

i just today found out about frank's website. i figured he was lost to the non-blogging community, but alas, he's back. and his special friend sure does get a lot of time.

who doesn't like ice cream? i like ice cream. why am i not allowed to get ice cream?

i didn't go to hockey last night and i'm glad i didn't. it was my last day of work and i didn't feel like living up to any obligations. so i didn't go. but my team won 7-1 without a goalie for the first half of the game. good for us. and tonight, we were supposed to play the exact same team, but they forfeit because their goalie can't come. so i guess we win that one too. and that means i get to skate around for an hour. and then i'll get home and my man-friend (frank - does that work for you?) won't be there because he'll be off being a nerd. he does that from time to time. so i'll be at home, and maybe i won't shower after hockey. i'll hang out with my nacho cats.

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