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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

cleaning house (7447)

today feels like wednesday... it started. this unemployed-ness really gets to you and throws off everything. even though i have things every night of the week i still can't keep track of what day it is. shoot me now.

i finished my book last night. it was really good, if you like that kind of book, which i obviously do since that's all i read.

yesterday i applied for more jobs and registered with some more agencies. it's weord though, usually by now i would have had someone i know call me and say they had a job for me. that's how it's worked the past couple of times. am i spoiled? quite perhaps.

seems like everyone's getting cell phones. good for you. it's about time you hopped on the technology wagon lest all your friends laugh at you. i'm very happy with my cell phone, ruby, except how long it takes her to turn on. damn girls! i mean, damn telus!

i was looking online the other night at houses for sale in our area. we're going to be in the market for a house/new place to live in about 2 years. good thing i'm working and making money to help save up for the down payment on a house. fuck!

no, i'm just kidding. we can afford to not have me working for a little while though saving up is obviously easier when there are two incomes. and that said, i don't think i'll be continuing on with french class next session. i would love for my employer to pay for me to (re-)learn the language. i did learn some good phrases though:

english: What knockers!
french: Quels nichons!

i will leave you on that note.

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