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Friday, February 25, 2005

car car!

so this is the only picture of the new car without the license plate in it so it's the only one i can show you on here cause you might be some weirdo freak who's stalking me and boy, you have to work for it. i'm not going to give away too much.

we finally did groceries tonight. feels nice knowing that there's actually some food around here. guess what the first thing i ate was... cookies! mmmm fresh-from-the-store cookies.

so this year i'm going to do my own taxes. i'm a little apprehensive but i think i can handle it. i just won't claim anything. a T4? what's that? i'm telling you - i could be blonde. blonde. that reminds me. the book i'm reading now is about a guy who kills blonde porn stars with huge fake tits. it's a good book though not as scary as the last one, or maybe it was the one before that. i love them when i'm afraid to go pee by myself and have to take jon.. er.. i mean a cat with me. that's right, i take a poor little cat who i've woken up with me into the bathroom. and i love it!

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