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Monday, January 31, 2005


apparently weekends are for sleeping. i must have slept more yesterday than all of last week. it was marvelous.

this is my last week of work. i was talking to my agency on friday. they have two positions at health canada, but said that i was "overqualified". i think that's the worst thing they could have told me. at least when i'm not qualified, i can just say that i'm a quick learner and to sign me up. but over qualified means that the employer will look at my resume and wonder what the hell i want the job for. chances are they wouldn't hire me at all.

this whole job situation was going to be a problem for when the car came, but not anymore. i waltzed into a bank on saturday and was given a line of credit and now, between me and jon, we can pay for the car. no matter where we're working (or not working... ) or how much we're making. how sweet is that?

i watched a whole episode of the ashlee simpson show last night. that girl .. how old is she anyway? she can't be the sharpest knife in the drawer. what a ditz! i think if i could be any popstar i would be hilary duff. she seems the nicest. but maybe that's because i don't know much about her. who knows. that's my opinion so take it or leave it.

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