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Friday, January 21, 2005

thanks blogger

i want to take this opportunity to thank blogger for working yesterday. you rock my world.

today is friday. thank goodness for that. this week has gone by quickly, thanks to me being crazy busy. just the usual things though (work, pilates, french, sleep). i'm really really looking forward to this weekend. birthday weekends are always good stuff. it was all supposed to start right after work with skating on the canal with my co-workers, but that's probably cancelled because it's f***ing cold outside.

tonight is dinner at montana's so come if you're in ottawa. tomorrow i'm going to peterborough with my parents and max to see my brother. i don't know what's going on tomorrow night yet, but i'm sure i'll figure something out. sunday is dinner at gramma's and a hockey game at night. monday is my actual birthday and there's pilates class and 24.

i've been thinking about jobs since mine is almost done. i fired off my resume to some people yesterday. surprisingly, i got a response from a director at agriculture and agri-food canada. i'm happy about that. so i'll keep looking. and last night, conveniently enough, i learned the french word for "unemployed". i'm going to need that one....

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