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Thursday, January 27, 2005

soup and salad

airline attendant: "would you like a newspaper?"

me: "no thanks, i can't read."

airline attendant: "so what are doing with that magazine?"

me: "reading."

can you believe that the words "i can't read" actually came out of my mouth? well they did. i am that cool. i think that was on our way to victoria mid-december. we were on a little tiny plane that jon couldn't even stand up straight in the aisle. teeny tiny.

we had a good night last night. we went out and looked for a jacket for my new iPod mini (still nameless - i need YOUR help!), but couldn't find anything. then we went to the mall and i bought a sweater on mega sale that i had seen last week. then we went to dan's for dinner with some people from work. it was great.

then if was off to the carleton fastball pub. some highlights:

1) the skinniest girl who can still support her head was dancing

2) skinny's friend making out with a guy on a couch for a long time

3) said kissy girl then going to the bathroom and puking for a long time

4) us wondering if kissy and boy went to the bathroom together, me checking the girls bathroom and dave checking the boys, dave coming out of the bathroom talking loudly about no one making out in the guys bathroom to_the_makeout_guy.

today is work, my 6th last day, and tonight is french class. i feel like i'm getting sick (along with the rest of the world it seems) so i'm not too thrilled about not being in bed, but i can deal.

i started listening to harry potter and the philosopher's stone on the way to work today. i got through chapters 1 and 2. this is definitely something on my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days. i haven't posted my list because it isn't done yet, and i'm not sure if i want whoever to see what i want to do. some of the things are pretty personal. we'll see though.

i have to admit that a couple of days ago when i wasn't working (as in i was here but wasn't doing any work) i actually sat here and clicked "next blog" on the top of my page and went from there. i read some pretty interesting things, but nothing spectacular. i wonder how that button works, because sometimes i came across a blog i had already seen. is it completely random? it must be i guess.

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