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Tuesday, January 4, 2005


i just realized how busy i'm going to be for the next month and a bit. i'm working. we all knew that though. i even managed to get here at 8 this morning. yay leaving before the sun is entirely set!

next week my french classes start as well as my pilates class. french is two nights a week downtown for an hour and 45 minutes each night. that's a lot of french. and pilates is one hour one night a week. plus there's the wednesday night's stitch & bitch and whatever i need to do during the week.

oh! and! 24 starts this sunday! unfortunately i have a hockey game, but i'll figure something out. they're starting it off well with a 2-hour season premier and then the next episode the very next night. i'm SO excited! i also started watching the sopranos because we have it on the computer. i've seen 7 episodes and am hooked. i'm just not very good at watching them, so i'm about 3 seasons behind jon. we don't watch it together, obviously.

back to work. making the money.

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