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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

it's my life

i learned something about myself: i am scared of missing my bus stop. so scared that i will get off the bus early. this made for a long walk to my building this morning. silly me. other than that and a couple little mishaps, i don't mind the bus so much. though it does mean that i have to get up much earlier. this i mind and my body hates me today. early to bed tonight.

i'm all caught up on 24 now. because of a hockey game, i missed sunday night's episode and then couldn't watch monday's episode monday so i watched it last night. i have to admit that i'm not as turned on this season as i was this time last season. i'm having trouble getting into the characters.

i scored a 2-for1 coupon for the imax. maybe i'll go see something cool.

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