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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

i'm baaaaaad

hi friends. there is so much to say, and since my manager is in a meeting i'm going to take this time to get you all caught up on my life.

i've been bussing to work for over a week now and i'm proud to report that yesterday i spent less than two hours on the bus for my combined trip to work and back home. i'm definitely getting much better at this game. today i wore my snowpants because it's so damn cold. it's the kind of cold where you leave your house and your nostrils immediately freeze and your eyes start to water. brrrrrr!

hockey went really well this weekend. we were in kingston for a tournament and managed to win the whole thing. i have a nice little trophy and we were given a bigger team trophy, but us being without a league (we're "independant") we have nowhere to put it. we're thinking of a timeshare sorta thing and adding it to our wills, willing it to the next team mate and the last one alive gets to keep it. i say someone else can have it. what the hell am i going to do with my little trophy let alone a bigger one? that's right: nothing! but it did feel nice to win some games. we haven't done that since october. plus, we had a game without penalties. now that's a first. i even managed to score two goals and get two assists. it's not that i was on fire. it's that the goalies were terrible. all in all a good weekend. oh ps. i shot the puck in the other team's end so i could get off, but i hit the ref right in the elbow/ribs. i went and apologized afterwards, but what kind of ref is ALWAYS in my way? thanks mr. pylon.

i found out late last week that my contract here will not be extended like last time. so as of friday, february 4th i will be unemployed again, unless the garbage lady comes through with more garbage audits. turns out the audits for the first three months of the year are during the day. ding!ding!ding! kamerine doesn't have a day job anymore! so i might become a full time garbage girl.

that reminds me. on fear factor last night (it was a continuation of last week's couples episode) they had to do a stunt in raw sewage. do i think it was really raw sewage? nope. i think they might have some legal issues when everybody dies of grossness, or e-coli or something. hell i don't know. but raw sewage is gross. garbage is gross enough.

also, in my greatness, i watched the bachelorette last night. what a dumb show. i couldn't turn it off though. the crowning moment of the episode was when one cassinova told the chick that he was a virgin. and her line? "that shows his beliefs. but maybe his beliefs are too stringent for me"!! way to go, slut! don't tell her i said that.

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