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Monday, January 3, 2005


today, i made a big change in my life: i ate vegetables with dinner.

i read four issues of reader's digest, given to me by a family member, and i have to say that there is so much wrong with the world and our society. it makes me feel like i'm going to die next week of cancer, vitamin d deficiency, sids, or arthritis. it's amazing how much crap there is to talk about. and now, i'm seriously considering a career in forest fire fighting.

i'm working on a new picture page, but it's slow going. i'm still trying to figure out the program that will make this all possible.

i want to say that i don't miss hockey at all. we have something like 15 channels.. nothing too exciting and when there's hockey, i'm sure at least two or three of them would be taken up with it. what would i watch then?

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