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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

c'est mon chapeau!

french class is going well. i'm learning new things every class, but i'm also confirming just how bad i am at the language. when jon picked me up we spoke french to each other. it wasn't as painful as i was expecting, but it was definitely a drain on the gray matter. i didn't feel like rhyming there for some reason.

i always post the book i'm currently reading and the one i just finished over on the right there. if anyone ever wants to talk about either of those books, or ones they've seen previously, by all means let me know. this is my half-assed attempt at starting a book club. i think the problems with book clubs are that you have to read what everyone decides on. what if the book just isn't your thing? and what if you finish way before the allotted time? what then? some months i power through books like it's my job, but other months, i read only one book. i don't think i'm the right material for a book club.

so my final birthday present (unless you have something up your sleeve...) was an iPod mini from my boy. it's silver, to match our new car. and it has my name on it! how cool is that? i'm officially the coolest person you know. it's okay to admit it. so i tried it out on the bus this morning and am still sorting it out, but it's so much lighter and cooler than my discman. now, i need to think of a name for my new music guy. suggestions?

work time.

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