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Monday, December 6, 2004

the monday blues

it's monday. ug. back to work. i'm having the worst time getting up in the mornings lately. it's so nice on the weekends being able to sleep in and stay up late, but that makes monday mornings so much harder.

the baseball party last night went well. it was nice to see everyone again. but the same old shit is still there so it's nice that we don't have to jump right back into the same intense time together we spent in august - october. it's not that i don't like ball, it's that 8 weeks of seeing the same people 5 days a week is just too much. i did get a nice plaque though. and the girls who won awards got huge bage of candy. everyone was happy.

hockey wasn't so great saturday night. our team is very prone to penalties. we played the whole third period with no less than four people in the box (5 on 3 in other words). it was awful. i can only hope it gets better. like, what's with one of our players getting a penalty for giving our bench the finger? our own bench! madness.

there are so many things happening these days that i opted out of working garbage this week. it just isn't worth it. though when i have to pay for the car i kick myself for not working as much as i could have. blah to future me.

lots of work to do these days now that our crazy times are over. the canada-us meeting had everyone in a frenzy. i'm happy to report that i didn't fall asleep, though it was close.

i'm starving. i think i need some chocolate. see ya!

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