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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

so much to do

this is my last week of work before my big trip to victoria. there are so many things going on that when i found out i didn't have to work nights this week i was very happy. instead, i'm going to spend my nights doing other things like getting groceries, pilates and stitch n bitch, and packing. a co-worker of mine asked me yesterday if i had packed yet. i don't think i've ever packed for anything before the day before. so i told her that i didn't have enough clothes to pack and still wear clothes to work. it's partially true. okay, it's all true. but honestly, who packs before the night before? that's what the night before is for.

because of some shit hitting the fan over pay rates and actual pay from agencies, i'm getting a raise. it's a long story that involves another one of my co-workers who was getting the shit end of the stick. i'm just a very very fortunate bystander who's now getting another $5 an hour. that's a shitload more money every pay! yay me! it's funny that i worked my ass off at subway two summers ago (three summers ago?) and when i got a raise it was a meager 15cents an hour. fuck you, subway!

i didn't play hockey last friday night. i wasn't feeling good all week (and i'm still making up the time i took off to get home earlier and go to bed) so i didn't go. i went out to dinner with some friends and then saw oceans 12 instead. it was a good movie. i also saw elf this past weekend. it was much better than i expected. saturday, i was a champion sleeper, puttinig my lazy friends to shame. i was awake for only 9 hours all day. i still can't believe i was able to sleep saturday night.

the end is in sight when it comes to work. we're working on finishing everything up. i have no idea what i will do once this is over, but now that a certain boyfriend has a guaranteed job starting in january, the pressure's off. we can survive on my paycheck alone and he's making more money so we can survive on his paycheck alone for sure. there is a job posted on the website right now for a biology-type job that i'm somewhat qualified for.. i won't bore you with the details, but it involves making crop plants more cold- and pest-tolerant. interesting (to me) stuff. so i'm going to apply for that and maybe contact some of the people there. it would be so much closer to home.. biking distance in the summer. i would love to not have to drive to work and spend 3 hours a day travelling to and from work. blah hull.

that's about enough from me. everyone writing exams: good luck, suckers!

i rolled 370,000km on lumi the other day. still goin strong.. except the doors freezing shut and stuff.

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