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Saturday, December 4, 2004


boxing day is the day we're bringing home our new kittens! we went to the breeders house today and saw our two new guys, a brother and sister duo. they're really soft. we'll have lots of pictures three weeks from tomorrow.

last night we rented the chronicles of riddick. i didn't pay much attention because i was teaching myself how to change colours knitting. my book doesn't explain it very well at all, but trial and error worked just fine. now i just have to learn how to sew pieces together and my blanket will be finito! then i want to learn how to crochet. again, the book i have doesn't help.

i'm trying to decide which nights to take the french course that i'm going to sign up for. i had a free placement test thursday and that wasn't fun at all. the lady, once finding out i knew some french, asked me all about my plans for the holidays and made me respond in full sentences. it was horrible. then she said that i had trouble with my verbs and wanted to place me in one of the beginner classes. well ya? you really think so? i could have told her that! but anyways, my choices are mondays and wednesdays or tuesdays and thursdays. currently i have a pilates class on wednesdays. i don't know if i will come january but it's something i have to keep in mind.

we also went to a wake yesterday. it wasn't as emotional as i thought it would be. i only almost cried twice. i'm glad we went though.

hockey tonight. baseball party tomorrow night. party animal!

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