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Thursday, December 2, 2004

it's been a while

i've been busy.. not as busy as last week, but busy enough to not update this site for a while. let's start with last week. it was crazy working as much as i did. i would get in to environment canada at 9 and stay until 6:30 an then head to the garbage job and work that for between 2 and 4 hours a night. blah! i didn't get to lie on the couch and watch tv.. get groceries.. get money out of the bank.. when i was home i was making food for my lunch and dinner the next day and sleeping. not the life for me. but the paycheque in my grubby little hands will be nice.

this week i didn't have to work garbage (i wasn't invited in fact) and it was nice to get home from work on do whatever i wanted. i got to watch jeopardy (though i didn't see ken get kicked off - went to a movie instead) and go shopping and stuff. i'm almost all done my christmas shopping. how sweet is that? this never happens, but usually i'm in school and then exams last until december 23rd.

yesterday mother nature snowed like it was her job. driving was no fun at all, and i actually spent more time in my car getting to and from work than i spent in my office working. but that doesn't include the 4-hour meeting from hell in the afternoon. driving this morning was hell on the streets that didn't get plowed yesterday and are now ice rinks, but fine otherwise.

last night was the first stitch n bitch. i say that proudly so don't make fun of me. eventually we'll be knitting for the red cross. if i was still in high school these would be my community service hours. now they're just my volunteer-make-me-feel-good hours.

some big things coming up soonish: end-of-year baseball party this sunday night (i still have to finish organizing that), christmas parties coming out of the wingwang, hockey party (can't make it because....), trip to bc (!), and then christmas and all that stuff. exciting times.

just some other little things. my hockey team voted me one of the assistant captains. i wasn't even sure people knew my name. apparently they do. so that was very unexpected but nice. i learned how to use the mouse with my left hand because my right hand has been bothering me lately (too much minesweeper and spider solitaire (work, please challenge me more!)).

and i'll leave you with one thing. not upbeat but something on my mind. a quote i heard a long time ago that is really true. the more people you know, the more people you know who die.

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