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Monday, December 20, 2004

annoyed... by someone

we're still having a good time in beesee. we played games last night. i almost won at scrabble because i scored 90 points on the word cavernous. then i lost by one point after giving someone else their last word and not being able to play my last letters. it was sad.

i can't believe how, here, the woman of the house does all the cooking and cleaning, from what i've seen at least. i hope that it's not that way in my house. everyone knows that i'm not a good cook and that i usually clean when i'm mad.

sarah's plane was cancelled due to the weather. she's stuck in thunderBAY until tomorrow morning. she's pissed. i would be too. i wrote the city that way because when she says it she emphasizes the bay part of the word and we all make fun of her. there was a huge plan to make fun of her when she showed up and said the word for the first time, but that might have to be delayed due to her crabbiness. i'll keep you informed.

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