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Friday, November 19, 2004


i found out yesterday that my contract here at environment canada is being extended for another little while (until february 4th). that's not a long time, but it'll give me a chance to finish my work and to start networking around the office. plus i'll have a paycheque over the holidays which is huge. i don't have to revert to eating kraft dinner - which i haven't done in months! - or anything.

the other thing that has come up lately, besides out stitch n bitch that i'm really excited about, is the chance of me getting a new cell phone. that could be exicting. i think i'll go look this weekend. i don't want anything super fancy cause then i'll just lose it.

so i took off the games from my computer at work. i play way too much minesweeper and freecell. and i didn't really take them off, i just deleted them from all the menus. i can still find them... that's what having a computer nerd for a boyfriend will do! super k!

my big pilates plan hasn't come through. i'm taking a class every wednesday night and the plan was to do the exercises at home mondays and fridays. i have yet to do them at home and we're coming up to the end of week 3. i'm bad. that's my goal for today. at least last class i wrote the exercises down so i have something to follow. instead of me just flopping around on the ground "exercising". you know what i'm talking about.

i got a new bank card. mine was pretty old and not working all the time. so i got a new shiny one in the mail.

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