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Monday, November 22, 2004

wheelchairs and parking

on my floor there are three bathrooms: one female, one male and one handicapped. i can't say anything about the guys bathroom, but the girls bathroom has two stalls one of which is handicapped. and then we have the handicapped bathroom which is a single room. what i don't get is why people use the single handicapped bathroom. and another thing: why do women use the handicapped stall if there's no one in the regular one. man, if i was in a wheelchair i would be pissed if i went into the bathroom and the only stall i could use was taken. now, i can only say that i've ever seen one person in a wheelchair at this building, and never on my floor. so should i care? should it bother me that people are being .. inconsiderate? rude? i don't even like how the wheelie toilets are so much higher. i'll stick with my regular stall in my regular bathroom.

i finally found parking in hull. it's just down the street from my building and now i won't have to go out four-five times a day to move my car. i'm going out in twenty minutes (when my two-hours of street parking is up) and moving to the lot. how exciting is this?

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