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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

this week

i thought this week was going by quickly but now it doesn't feel like it. but then i don't have to work tomorrow so i'm hoping that off-sets my mind and makes the week seem really short.

i have my pilates class tonight. do you know how much yoga pants are? i went looking yesterday. they're damn expensive. i can just keep wearing my pyjama pants, cause they're almost the same thing.

i'm so close to being done selling the chocolate bars from baseball. the money was due a month ago. that's how good i am. i've also eaten about 10. that's the reason for the class every wednesday night.

i had an interview at suzy shier. i can't say how it went but funny things did come of it. the dress code at that store is "very strict". you have to wear dress pants and dress shoes and a 'suzy shier fashion top'... as in a shirt-you-buy-at-the-store. i have no idea why they need to call it that. dumb dumb dumb.

finally saw shrek two last night. i now understand what all the commotion was about. it was really good.

ps. green day was awesomly firery bangedly good.

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