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Monday, November 15, 2004

some updates i suppose

last wednesday night was my second pilates class. definitely better than the first. i still don't have it all right, but i'm getting there. and i'm still not on track doing exercises at home, but i'll get on that too. so many goals, so little time.

my hockey team tied last saturday night. we should have won, but i'll blame it on the lack of skaters. we have an off-ice practice tonight and another game this tuesday night.

i finally saw shrek 2. it was pretty funny. we also watched blade runner and i didn't understand what was going on for most of it.

i was knitting. that might have had something to do with it.

i saw carla and marianne saturday. also got to see marianne and small brown's apartment. as well, we saw michelle from carleton baseball at the mall. it was a busy weekend.

now i'm at work and counting the minutes until i get to leave cause i'm feeling like shit. shit shit shit.

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