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Monday, November 1, 2004

short week

just to update you on my weekend: i slept in like mad both saturday and sunday and it felt great. i played hockey saturday night. we lost. i played center and made an ass of myself. i'm not so good at center anymore. then i slept through a party saturday night (apparently the sleep-in wasn't good enough). i did some family stuff both saturday and sunday. i was at my parents' place last night giving candy out to the kiddies. i think the highlight of the night was when two little asian boys came to the door. the littler one saw max and said "hey doggy! come and get me!" that was cute. my mom was happy that not too many kids came and she gets to eat the rest of the chocolate. i think jon's happy for the same reason. i left him at home to handle the studying and the kiddies. i don't feel even the littlest bit bad about that.

now today i'm working and lovin' it. just kidding. i'm hardly doing anything though so i can't complain. i looked into some things, like fitness classes and hockey tournaments. not work related obviously.

this week i'm looking forward to thursday night because i'm off to montreal for the green day concert. then i just might sleep in friday morning. we will see how 5:45am feels that day though.

"don't wanna be an american idiot"

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