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Monday, November 8, 2004

i'm the person i don't like

i'm turning into the kind of person i don't like. i don't like when people don't put up any posts in forever. it's all about to change (fingers crossed).

i officially HATE parking in hull (gatineau). i got another parking ticket today (my third). it makes me so mad. you would think that there would be parking somewhere but no. definitely not. at least this time it was a different bylaw officer. i'm spreading the wealth.

work is going. i'm writing and reviewing and talking. that's my job in a nutshell. i am in the process, however, of looking for another job. and by that i mean a part time job to compliment my nine to fiver. i've applied at both joacob connexion and suzy shier. i have interviews this week (this afternoon and tbd). i'm hoping for suzy shier cause it's closer. they want two references. i haven't had to provide references in so long. i didn't know who to ask. still thinking about it.

and then another job popped up. one of the guys i work with at environment canada is a waste auditor (as in he sorts and weighs garbage). it's week nights and flexible. sounds good to me. i'm waiting to hear back from the lady. i could be a garbage girl... for real! so if that one comes through and the other one i'll have three jobs for a while. and then this one ends and i'll be left with two. i can still afford to eat, but maybe not go out as often.

speaking of going out. friday night we went and saw the incredibles. now, that was a funny movie. what else did i do this weekend? saturday i slept in and then tried to go buy clothes but abandoned that idea when i saw the masses in the mall. everyone was in bayshore. so i went to kanata and hung out with my parents and the dog and cats. i dropped my parents off at a party and stayed for a bit. i ate cheese and dip and drank pepsi. grabbed a sub on my way home and then went to my hockey game. we lost. i didn't get a penalty or hurt myself. then sunday i slept in and did nothing for most of the day. we went over to alan and sylvia's for dinner and then i watched tv and went to bed. the new show, my big fat obnoxious boss is really dumb, but funny enough so that i watched the whole thing. plus a new simpsons was on.

now i'm working (or not working) and i have my interview this afternoon. that's my life.

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