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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

garbage girl

i am officially a garbage girl. i am happy to report that the whole experience last night wasn't awful, but it was pretty gross and i'm getting flashes of the smell of garbage. yuck. i was there for three and a half hours, the first hour was just us standing around waiting to be let in and the next half hour was us standing around waiting to get started. i'm guessing most nights won't have that much standing around, which is just fine and dandy with me because i would much rather be working and get to go home earlier.

i left home yesterday morning at 8:15am and got home around 9:45pm. it was a long day. when i got home i stripped on the way up the stairs and hopped in the shower then ate some food that jon made and lay on the couch for a little while. i'm so exciting.

there's no way i could keep this up for any amount of time. the smell flashes alone are enough!

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