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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

everything's coming up milhouse

i got a(nother) job. i'm working weeknights for a company called viridis environmental. the jist of it is that we sort through garbage and then weigh it ("auditing"). i start monday. my current job is going and i've heard good things about my contract being extended, though nothing official yet has reached me.

we got word on our new car. eta of mid-to-late january. that's fine by me as long as lumi doesn't kick the can before then. jon's all excited about neons and racing seats and who knows what else. i'm excited about having a car that starts... every time. plus this little car will be way better on gas, and more fun to drive no doubt.

we're looking into getting some kittens. in fact, this past saturday we went to the humane society and almost walked away with two little fuzzy white cats (one would have had to be called "blackie" - one of my conditions). we ultimately decided not to get them and most likely will wait till after we get back from our trip to bc. makes more sense if we get real young kitties. the fuzzier the better. devon rexes is the other route that we might take, due to their lack of fur and therefore better on the boy's allergies. there's a breeder in orleans with three kittens ready to go early january. i'm waiting to hear back from them.

the last thing i want to tell you about is this sweet hit i laid on some girl last night at my hockey game. i was playing terribly and this girl split me and my d partner and went in and shot on our goalie. i was flying down the ice - i like to think that i skate fast enough to call it "flying" - and hit her right after she shot. i haven't had an opportunity like that for years. the absolute best part about the whole thing was that one of her teammates came after me and punched me and SHE got a penalty! sweet deal!

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