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Friday, October 15, 2004

strikes and baseball

happy birthday matt and dave.. and usher. yes, it was usher's birthday yesterday. and i would be sincere with my birthday wishes to him if i didn't think he was such an ass.

i want to say how much i don't like strikes. if i can avoid being part of a union my whole working life i will be a happy girl. though i did get a three hour nap out of the deal.

the biggest day of baseball for carleton's first season is tomorrow! i'm really looking forward to it and i don't even get to play. i realized just how much i miss playing when, on wednesday morning, the shackles were removed and i was able to practice at first for one drill. it felt SO good. the only problem is that if i play next year i'm going to get killed at rookie night. maybe i'll stick to coaching, but playing in the summer. i've already had some offers for this summer when i thought i wouldn't play at all. nice stuff!

and after all this baseball is done i'm going to apply for a job at jacob connexion. i have a connection there (it's a joke, do you get jokes?). i'm looking forward to that too.

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