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Monday, October 25, 2004

one chapter done

baseball is over. we played three games saturday and lost all three. it was.. maybe a little disappointing, but not entirely unexpected. the top two teams for all four divisions made it to the playoff weekend. if it had been the top 8 teams in the league we would not have been there at all. we were definitely the ninth team, but as it stands we placed 8 overall. not bad.

so what am i going to do with all my free time you ask? well i'm not sure. i'm looking into buying a car so test drives will be taking up some of my time. i'm working 37.5 hours a week, though i have been for a while now. i'm playing hockey. for my regular team, which is about once a week, and then for an environment canada pick up team. that starts today. we'll see if it's worth the $10/game they're charging me. i'm also actively searching for a job to start in january. i'm going to meet with my boss soon and straight out ask him about my contract being extended. i don't like working contract because you never know. the money's nice, but the job security is lacking.

until next time, hug a tree for me.

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