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Thursday, October 7, 2004

crazy nights

rookie night was a huge success.. in my mind. everyone seemed like they were having a good time and our house was disgusting. that means it was fun. highlights: goopy, half chewed mouthfulls of marshmallows, lucky vinegar shot, puking/passing out in the bathroom, and more.

i'm really looking forward to this weekend. have i said that before? sorry if i have. it's just that i want to sleep in. i want to wash and vacuum my car. i want to not go away. plus i'm looking forward to eating turkey until my belly hurts and i fall asleep. can you blame me?

i was in bayshore a couple nights ago and was accosted by this girl selling nail stuff. she did something to my thumb nail and for $35 i could do it myself whenever i wanted. i don't want to spend my money on stuff like that but my nail is still all polished and nice looking. this is a hint for christmas.

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