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Monday, October 18, 2004

carleton beats queen's

last saturday was the battle of the year. we were tied with queen's for the last playoff spot in out division. head-to-head we were 1 and 1, with the same number of points. it came down to the 2pm game. we came out on top, despite having a run disallowed and a player ejected from the game. thanks boys for coming out. playoffs are this weekend at the r.a. center (near billing's bridge). i will post game times soon.

i also had a hockey game saturday night. it was crazy with the whole opposing team in the penalty box. it was a rough game. i managed to knock two of my teeth lose falling down in front of my net. it was the second game of the season. i'm still rusty, or slow as jon tells me. thanks boys and girls for coming out.

work is back to normal without the strikers outside. i have one hour left. definitely looking forward to leaving, but that's not any different from any other day. at least i have my chocolate.

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