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Friday, October 22, 2004

busy girl

it's been a long week. and i should have guessed it would happen when i woke up tuesday morning thinking it was wednesday and not wanting to go to practice. yesterday i was making all sorts of plans for the night, but it was thursday and i can't be cool on a thursday night cause i have to get to bed. you might not know what that's like, but if you work at 7 every morning you'd know right quick.

so now that it is really friday, i do have some plans for tonight. i actually have my options for tonight. i think i'm going to settle on a coaches symposium at a hotel downtown (not an elaborate adultery cover-up, promise). i also am going to check out my mom's ski & snowboard show after work, and head over to the wake of a neighbour. she was old. so tonight's full. and this weekend is full because it's the playoffs. huge!

i scored a goal at my hockey game wednesday night. from the blue line. the goalie obviously wasn't great. we won 6-1. now that's convincing. and we only had one major injury (seems to happen once a game). one girl got her clock cleaned and has a minor concussion.

in other news, i'm ready to get a new car. my car keeps threatening to blow up. this isn't good when i have to cross a bridge twice a day. ka-booooom! can you think of anything for me to put on personalized license plates? i was thinking maybe ka zoom (since i'm thinking of a mazda3). i welcome any suggestions.

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