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Thursday, September 23, 2004

when i wish upon a star...

i think i found my new favourite author.. of short things. tom spears from the ottawa citizen writes well and covers science-y things so i like him. his style is reminiscent of dave barry, and another_columnist_i_used_to_read_when_i_was_younger_but_can't_remember_his_name_right_now.

i now intimately know that the government loves to meet. they meet all the time and talk and talk and talk. i thought people were exagerating, but they weren't. unbelievable! well believe it.

i tried yoga today. wow, boot camp! i thought i was going to puke for sure. and i didn't even get a chance to change into work out clothes. i actually didn't know where the changeroom was so i found the gym but because i was late they had already started and the instructor whisked me in. i tried some of the poses and realized that she was extremely more flexible and fit than me, and a hell of a lot stronger. that woman could lift herself up when i was falling on the floor. i think i'm going to try once more and this time i'll be on time and in gym clothes and give it another shot. maybe one day i'll be a yoga master. though maybe not.

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