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Friday, September 24, 2004

talk my ear off

it's weird. i'm pretty busy these days with work and with ball and with sleep (that takes up time in my day) but i'm feeling like i should be doing something. don't laugh at me. i'm restless. there are so many things that i want to be doing but i'm not because i think that i don't have enough time. so here are my september resolutions. those exist, right?

i want to be nicer to my body. this includes exercising more and eating well, but also things like spending more time by myself when i'm not driving to wherever i have to be. i want to spend more time with my friends. once cheryl and i get organized and start the potluck wednesdays i'll be a happy camper.

i'm working on accomplishing my goals. i went for a "run" yesterday after work. getting home at 4, even after stopping to run an errand, feels so nice. i wrote run like that because i didn't do much running. in truth, i'm finding i'm not running often because it's pretty boring. so i jogged and then did sprints and situps and pushups. no matter what i do i want to be out there sweating. and that i was, especially when i had water spit all over me.

the other thing i'm thinking about doing is taking the comments section off this page. when there aren't comments i wonder why i ever post anything. but this is more for me than it is for you. i'm selfish. it feels good to get everything out there, and i can just pretend that people read this to make myself feel better. there's nothing like the placebo effect.

yay for me!

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