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Tuesday, September 7, 2004

so this is what it's like

it's been over a week. and it's not because i haven't been thinking about posting.. or didn't have time or anything. i just didn't do it. i don't like people like me.

my last post was about looking for a job. i think i applied for about one hundred jobs. and i did get one interview, but it wasn't from anything i applied for. i was talking to someone i know about hockey this winter and she mentioned that her friend needed help on a project. boom! i have an interview. in hull. but an interview all the same. i forgot though, to ask how much money i would be making. so i have to call back and ask, all sheepishly.

this whole not working thing is getting to me though. i'm going batty. but i am reading a lot of books. now for the cleaning part....

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