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Friday, September 17, 2004

EI and me

I filled out an online application for EI. It was my dream to get this free money (though it's really my money cause I've given it to the government) while I was searching for a job. They make you jump through hoops, with all the forms and the meetings and the ROEs (Records of Employment) which I didn't have. So I ended up not completing my application because I was hired by the government. Then yesterday, I get a letter in the mail saying that I had to attend a meeting. And if I didn't it would be considered fraud and I could get my benefits taken away. I'm not sure which benefits they were talking about considering I haven't received any. So I filled out the page-long form saying that I have a job and can't attend the meeting because I'll be working. I had to provide documentation so I gave them my phone number at work and told them to call me. Do you think that's enough? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

This afternoon, I'm headed to Guelph, Cambridge actually, for Carleton's first real tournament. And when I say tournament I mean league games on a weekend like a tournament. There's a funny "Press Release" on the website about last weekend. It's nice that the website gets updated, but it will be even nicer when we win. There's only so much I can do from the bench though. I tell the girls how many outs there are (I'm the official score-keeper). I'm like the player who never plays. I don't know that any of the players consider me a coach. That's kinda a good thing though since I have no idea how to be one.

Last night I realized the greatness of Sinutab. I bought some drugs, day and night pills, and took one night pill and was giggly for about an hour. Then I crashed. That must be what being high feels like. I was nutso. I was a little upset though because the package boasted $1 off my next purchase or a $3 mail-in rebate. I was all gung-ho about the $3 BUT you have to buy TWO (2) packages! How long do they expect me to be sick for? Hell, one package is good for 6 days. Maybe I have more faith in their product than they do. Either way I slept soundly, breathing through my nose for the first time in a while. And, if you can tell from the length of this post, I'm feeling much better, thanks for asking.

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