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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

don't you love free food?

i love free food. though you couldn't tell by looking at me last night. i was so tired i just sat there. didn't mean i couldn't shovel three pieces of cake into my belly though.

i'm listening to iceberg radio, an internet radio station. i bought myself some headphones from the dollar store yesterday and i plan to get my money's worth, plus i don't like silence. especially not government building silence. apparently the new green day cd is really good. i haven't heard it all yet, but i trust my sources.

this weekend we're heading out to kingston again. i have to find out where the games are exactly. last time they were 20 minutes north of kingston in the middle of nowhere. thanks for giving us a chance that anyone will make it out to the games... ah well.

does anyone know how to use ALT keys? i certainly don't.

i'm learning french, for real this time. no more wasting 11 years in french immersion and not knowing how to speak the damn language afterwards. i bought myself a french-english dictionary that i plan on carrying around with me at work and hopefully by the end of my contract here i can take the french test and get my c-level certification. then they give you more money.

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