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Monday, September 27, 2004

busy girl

so i'm actually really busy at work these days. i was told today by the chief that 3 months isn't a long time to write the policy and that i really have to get my butt in gear. blah!

this past weekend was a lot of fun. we were in kingston. the team did much better than the last two weekends and won 2 games. i went up the friday night and didn't tell any of the team that i was in town so i hung out with carla and sarah and richard. friday night was the least amount of sleep i've had in a long time. i've gotten so used to the whole getting up early thing so my body crashes early at night too.

next weekend we're heading to london. i'm not looking forward to the drive since i think i have to drive. it's a long one. i have some friends in london that hopefully i can get in touch with before the weekend and maybe see them.

i heard lindsay lohan's new song and saw the video. it was nothing special. what is special however is the new green day cd. it's smashingly good.

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