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Tuesday, August 3, 2004

monday monday

it is in fact tuesday, but we'll let that one slide since it's the first day back after the long weekend.

and long it was! i ended up doing, and trying to do, so much stuff. among the stuff was: driving around looking for someone's house in the pouring rain, getting stuff for free from the bay, dinner and a movie with three boys, sitting out in the sun and burning my chest and stomach (itchy!), and biking downtown and seeing one act of the busker's festival.

i bought a front and back light and a lock for my bike recently. here are my troubles. the lock is too big to fit inside the frame of my bike (read: my bike is too small for the lock to fit inside the frame), but i managed to rig it up so that it's mounted properly and i don't notice it while i'm biking.

we have a forest growing in our living room. tons and tons of baby trees that will grow up to be masterful bonsais. if you move out of your parents' basement, guess what your apartment-warming gift will be!

i've done a lot of research recently on wills and life insurance and rrsp's. i don't think i'm any smarter having done so. i need someone to take me by the hand and tell me what to do about all three things. i'm lost.

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